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Zoey is doing great! All her brothers (our chocolate lab and three cats) love her although they sometimes get mad at her because when they want to
stop playing she does not, but they just jump up where she can’t reach them lol. Than she barks at them for five mintues until I make her stop lol. She
still loves to cuddle a lot and is very playful and vocal and fast, man she loves to run around as fast as she can up and down our hill it kills me it’s
hilarious! One of our favorite things to do is my husband or I lay on the floor to get to her level and she just loves it and kisses our faces all over.
Oh and you should see her with my nieces and nephews she absolutely loves them they run and play with her for longer then her brothers care to lol.
Sorry this is so long but there is just much to say about her. We love her so much! I could never thank you enough for such a great puppy she is
amazing with such a huge bright personality!

Happy Family


I just wanted to let you know that Guinness has been just the sweetest dog!
He has so much personality and has (lol) obviously settled in nicely.
You do such a good job raising those puppies and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to give out our information!

Thank you again,



We are so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to take Rayah home from Dunn’s Farm! She is an amazing dog, and we love her so much! It’s hard to believe she is already 10 months old now! Jeanette is so great with the dogs and a wonderful breeder and trainer! Thank you so much!!!

Tyler & Heidi


Our little Daisy from Dunn’s Farm has been an absolute blessing in our lives. She loves people and dogs, especially kids. We’ve had a blast taking her to obedience and puppy agility classes as she is a joy to train and work with. The instructors are impressed with her level of intelligence and ability to learn. At home, she is so much fun to play with and be around. She is such a cuddler and loves to just be with her family. I would recommend a corgi from Dunn’s to anyone interested in having one. Thank you Jeanette!


We can’t say enough about

We can’t say enough about how wonderful Jeanette & her family are in raising Corgi’s. We have had Duchess for a year now. She was so easy to finish with housebreaking and loved her crate from the first day we brought her home. The Dunn’s had her socialized and she is a pure delight! We adore her!

Meg & Steve


Ein is the most wonderful dog that I have ever had! Since day one of bringing him home, you can tell he was raised around other dogs and kids. Thank you so much!!! I recommend Jeanette to everyone that asks about my corgi!



Our Scooter is everything we could’ve asked for in a dog! Fun, loving, smart, friendly to all and eager to please us by behaving so well and learning new things every day. We can’t thank Jeanette enough for getting him off to a great start. He’s doing so well with housebreaking and crate training him couldn’t have been more of a breeze – he walks right in and only cries in the morning when it’s time to go outside! Jeanette and her family also did a great job socializing him – he’s never met a person he didn’t want to befriend! We’ve recommended Dunn’s Farm to everyone who asks where we got such an adorable and awesome puppy because Jeanette truly does a great job with these little guys and girls

Katie & Mike

So far Jeanette is the

So far Jeanette is the best breeder I’ve ever met. The dog is wonderful. Many thank


We LOVE our new corgi

We LOVE our new corgi puppy!! he is everything we could ask for and more! I will recommend Dunn’s Farm to whoever asks about JB and I will buy all of our future dogs from Dunn’s Farm. Thank you soooo much for our new family member!


Hello Jeannette, enclosed is photo

Hello Jeannette, enclosed is photo of Lola at 18 months…She is quite a wonderful girl…Feel free to post the photo on your website if wanted..Thanks again..Scott (Bethlehem, NH)

Pippa has been the perfect puppy and the perfect companion. She is so sweet mannered, and very sociable with anyone (or dogs) she meets on her walks. Training has been a breeze with Pippa, and she always seems to have a little smile on her face. I highly recommend Jeanette, she obviously cares very much for corgis and does great justice to the breed.


Comments in the pic.

Comments in the pic.


Hope all is well. Just

Hope all is well.
Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you. We have had Rosey for a year now and it has been such a wonderful blessing.
Our everyday life would be boring without her! She was very easy to train from the beginning, and has the the sweetest disposition.
She gets along well with our rabbits and guinea pig too!
I also enjoyed seeing on your Instagram how much she looks like her sister Lily and mother Snickers.
I attached a picture so you could see her and use it if you’d like.

Thanks again,
Alyssa & Tony
Montgomery, NY

Alyssa & Tony

I hope all is well.

I hope all is well. Tomorrow, Webster will be 4 months, and I just wanted to give you an update on him.
He is absolutely wonderful! He is so full of personality and a little drama king.
We are very much in love with the little guy. Training was a breeze.
He has two best friends: a golden retriever,Wrigley, and an Australian sheperd, Roxie. 🙂
He has an orientation for doggy day care on Saturday, so he can have days to run around and play all day.
He needs to get that energy out, and we had to wait until he was 4 months. I could go on forever with stories.
He is definitely our perfect puppy match.

I hope you get the picture links! I’m not sure if they attached or not.

Have a great night!



Hi Jeanette!
I wanted to send you a quick pic of us and Sancho hanging out in Brooklyn.
We’re so happy to have him in our home.
Here’s hoping you and a the pups are doing well.