About dunn’s farm

A little bit about where your pup comes from


I truly strive to responsibly breed healthy and sound AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Our dogs are all registered with the American Kennel Club. We do not keep our dogs in an outdoor kennel. Every corgi you see on our site LIVES in our house as a part of our FAMILY. All of our dogs are kennel trained. Meaning that they sleep in our large kennels in our house at night. We take them on vacation with us when we go camping. You will see in numerous pictures that they have what appears to be a black box on their collars. These “boxes” work with our underground fencing system. Corgis prefer the ability to run, play, and get energy out. This allows us to do so. I am not recommending that everyone uses an undergourd fence. It does, however, work very well for us. All of our dogs are essentially our babies. We love them. We play with them. We take them with us.

They are our family.


why corgis?

That is a good question

I am sure many wonder why I chose Corgis. I didn’t see one and think….oh my, I have to have one. I wanted a smaller breed, but was raising a family and had certain criteria….family friendly, sturdy, size, along with many other things. I researched many breeds. When I decided on a Corgi…..I then researched the differences between Pembrokes and Cardigans. Not only did I read from general info sites, I also spoke to actual owners. Finally, the decision was made. The Pembrokes had my heart. When the day finally comes in which I am no longer breeding, I will still ALWAYS have a Pembroke.

what about your breeding practices?


So, I’m sure you all want to know what our breeding practices are now that you know about how we raise our dogs. Every dog we have is vet checked.  All are conditioned for breeding.  And obviously, all of them are vaccinated yearly. I feed a high quality dog food along with vitamins. If anyone is interested, I can tell you which one and various ways to get it. I can’t find it at wal-mart or pet stores. But there are numerwous places that it is available online and in select stores. In regards to breeding. I choose to breed each female every other heat cycle.  


As a breeder, I’m not just here to “sell” you a puppy.


I am here for the long haul. I am happy to answer questions and help in any way I can.


This applies to:

People interested in corgis, those of you who are on my waiting list, everyone that is getting one our puppies, and even after you take your little furry bundle of joy home.